Monday, February 9, 2009

Milk of Human Kindness & General Hysterics

'Phelps bong' owner, seven others arrested

Well, this may have run its course. The sheriff's insistence on pursuing an investigation of alleged pot possession based on an infamous photograph backfired on him leading to hundreds of phonecalls criticizing him for expending taxpayer money and manpower on a crime that's very quickly becoming a moot point. Recent polls suggest that far greater numbers of americans favor the legalisation of marijuana than to continue prosecuting offenders.
California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano has recently introduced legislation to legalize the sale licensing and taxation of medicinal marijuana.
Nestle's decision to drop Phelps' endorsement at this point is going to look more an more short sighted... not that I ever needed this issue to boycott Nestle's for. Back in the 1970's there was a major boycott campaign against Nestle's for marketing a baby formula through some aid agencies insisting that their baby formula was more nutritional than mothers' own milk. In those days they were just coming to the realisation that mothers' milk had nutrients that help strengthen childrens' immune systems through their lives... alas for me a bit too late.

"Under the influence of the hormones prolactin and oxytocin, women produce milk after childbirth to feed the baby. The initial milk produced is often referred to as colostrum, which is high in the immunoglobulin IgA, which coats the gastrointestinal tract. This helps to protect the newborn until its own immune system is functioning properly, and creates a mild laxative effect, expelling meconium and helping to prevent the build up of bilirubin (a contributory factor in jaundice)" ...from the Wikipedia-Breast_milk.

Nestle's main crime then, which, given their long history as a Swiss (baby foods/formula and condensed milk manufacturers since 1866) may owe something more to corporate naiveté as well as overzealous marketing. But how much were they willfully ignoring the fact that the water sources used for mixing their formula in developing nations often came from wells heavily contaminated by toxic chemicals or pathogenic bacteria?... factors which increased the likelihood of infants suffering dehydration and weakened immune systems and possible deaths. In 1977 there was an average of about 1.5 million infant deaths in developing countries attributed to lack of breastfeeding. In developed nations there were also infant deaths cited as stemming from the same cause. Nestle's has since been compelled to put a warning on their products 'Warning: "this product is not to be used as a breast milk substitute."

Glenn Beck warns Al Gore is building anti-climate change 'Hitler Youth'

State Brainwashing Children To “Re-Educate” Their Parents For Green Dictatorship

Just goes to show whose trough the Watson brothers are feeding from. They call themselves 'truthers' but throwing oneself in league with a complete far right nutter like Glenn Beck doesn't exactly pad one's anti establishment street cred.
I'd already called Beck on his anti global warming contentions; -and now the Watson brothers with their anti global warming rant- which they insist is part of the illuminati plan to thin the world's population. I've never quite understand how they could make the claim how the "global warming hysteria is a scam" created by corporate and world elitists when the most elitist gov't (being the Bush administration) did everything from supressing scientific reports and hiring pr firms that formerly worked for the tobacco industry to promote the 'anti global warming' view.
I do understand Paul Joseph and Steve Watson's concern about populate control conspiracies.
I too was obsessed with the whole Club of Rome pronouncements that began with the 1972 report titled The Limits to Growth in part inspired by Paul Ehrlich's 1968 book 'The Population Bomb' and the Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus in An Essay on the Principle of Population (1798). Back in 1981 I had read articles in the San Francisco Chronicle about the Club of Rome making anouncements connected to a report commissioned by then US President Jimmy Carter titledThe Global 2000 Report to the President.
What got me going was an article (that I saved for a time) that a group connected to the Club of Rome called 'the Committee for the Global 2000' comprised of elitist industrialists, aristocrats, scientists, military leaders made a statement saying that most of the world are just "surplus humanity ... eaters that just consume" and that somehow ' atleast 2/3's of the world's population would have to just cease to exist'. I was so unnerved by this article that I even wrote a stageplay about it ....7/8's of one atleast.
And apparently I wasn't the only one who caught it ...googling 'Global 2000 club of rome' usually yields a number of links each with specious claims exposing this group's link to conspiracies involving the World Health Organisation, AIDS, etc...
I admit... I have very 'X-files' tastes and much as I insist that the CIA killed President Kennedy and all that... I have a hard time making that leap of faith with some of these theories and assertions. So it goes with the Watson brothers. I mean, how can they claim industrialists are leading the 'pro-global warming theory' movement when since already a decade now corporations have stood as an almost united front in funding propaganda that contends the exact opposite... one of their main contentions (and rightfully that is) the economic costs to their investors in retooling industry to meet the standards of reduced carbon emissions. (well, atleast in utilizing the 'trickle down' economic logic in saying that healthy dividends for their investors spells a healthy national economy...wherever did they learn to spell,btw?)
Of course now with President Obama hoping put tens of thousands of americans back to work as part of the process of greening american industry the old commerce claims seem to ring hollow. Not that I'm going to re enter the debate about global warming at this still hour of the night... but suffice it to say that I find the Watson brothers logic to often be more illogic than anything. And Glen Beck to be a hysteric on the verge of imploding.

There are greater dangers looming to the world than Obama's centrist social justice aspirations and had the conservatives' darling GWBush truly been the tough guy they painted him to be then the Iraq War debacle wouldn't have been an excercise in flaunting international law by violating Iraq's national sovereignity over fabricated WMD threats and leaving verified inhuman systems like the North Koreans with their WMD's completely intact.
Which brings us to...
US Ready to Respond to N.Korea Missile Launch

But I should be easier on GOP'ers.
They are a party that is sinking by the minute.
I've been subscribing to Human Events... a far right conservative blog that such leading conservative "thinkers" like Newt Gingrich, Patrick Buchannan, Anne Coulter and Chuck Norris post on. Lately it's funny as I receive their notifications apparently there's somehow of a fire sale going on there where their books usually selling at around $60 a doorstop are now selling a $2 or $3. They almost virtually can't even give them away.
I suppose the reaction to Gov. Jindal's speech as the GOP response to President Obama's address hasn't helped any.

Jack Cafferty: 'GOP in position to talk fiscal responsibility?'
I'm glad someone was paying attention.

Bank under fire for lavish SoCal weekend
Bout' what you'd expect from those benefitting from the kind of 'socialist bailout' that the GOP doesn't seem to mind.